Psychotherapy Services Edmonton


I specialize in assisting adults and adolescents with a variety of concerns related to sexuality. I recognize that some of the issues that people experience can be embarrassing or shameful to discuss which prevents some from ever seeking support. 

I work hard with my clients to develop positive, supportive, trusting relationships and I work from a position of compassion, warmth, and a lot of humour. There is very little that I have not heard in my career thus far, but I am open to surprises so please try not to let fear, shame, or embarrassment stop you from seeking support.

Sexual behaviour problems can occur on a continuum from those that are relatively innocuous but are causing some degree of concern to those that are harmful to others and sometimes illegal. 

These can include:

I am a sex positive clinician and do not want to pathologize healthy sexuality; however, if you have concerns about your own behaviour or that of your child or adolescent please contact me for a free consultation.

Concentrating on mutually agreed upon goals,
to promote wellness and positive changes.

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