Psychoeducational Learning Assessments Edmonton
Psychoeducational Learning Assessments Edmonton


A psychoeducational assessment is generally conducted to determine the presence of learning disabilities, developmental disability, attentional problems, or other issues which can make learning difficult for children in school.

Psychoeducational assessments are also able to determine a child’s individual cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses to assist with educational planning.

Child Learning Assessments
Learning Disability Assessment For Children

Psychoeducational assessments are often recommended when a child is exhibiting behaviour problems in school, low motivation, disorganization of school related materials, low achievement, attention difficulties, and school refusal.

Parents and adolescents also sometimes pursue psychoeducational assessments in high school to help students understand their learning style or to receive supports or accommodations that will help them be more successful as the coursework and exams of high school become more challenging. Finally, some post-secondary institutions require a psychoeducational assessment with recommendations in order to maintain accommodations from a student’s high school.

In addition to focusing on learning and cognitive abilities, a psychoeducational assessment can also identify behavioural, psycho-social, and mental health issues that may contribute to a child’s classroom behaviour, attention, and learning style.

While most psychoeducational assessments usually include the same components, including:

Psychoeducational testing services

Every child is different and additional tools are often advisable to examine areas such as Attention, Executive Functioning, Adaptive Behaviour. Your psychologist will work with you to ensure all the relevant and pertinent areas of your child’s functioning are included in the assessment process.

Adult ADHD assessments are also available and can include many of the same areas of inquiry listed above. 

Please contact Dr. Barlow directly if you are interested in an adult ADHD or Cognitive Assessment.

A full psychoeducational assessment includes 1-2 days of academic and cognitive testing, a number of self-report and parent report questionnaires that can be completed online, and 1-2 interviews with parents as well as teachers and counsellors if necessary.

A follow-up feedback session is also completed when the report is finished to discuss results and recommendations prior to finalization of the report. The process generally takes 4-6 weeks in entirety.

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